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Curriculum Grades 5-8

A+ Strategies for Managing Stress:
New School Thinking for Staying Sane, Whole, and Healthy

Developed by
Paula Statman, B.S.E., M.S.S.W.

Program Description

In this lively, involving program, you will identify new ways to reduce your stress, be more productive, and increase your job satisfaction.  Paula brings proven techniques in stress reduction to the classroom, custom designed for the challenges you face.   The program is filled with practical tools that you can start using right away.  At the end of the day, you will be able to approach stressful situations with more awareness, confidence and skill. 
Benefits of the Program

Participants will learn how to lower stress by:

  1. Understanding the ABC’s of stress – Attitudes, Behaviors, and Choices

  2. Identifying “stress triggers” at school – sources of chronic, acute and positive job stress

  3. Maintaining a positive attitude and flexible behavior – how to replace one-size-fits-all thinking with made-to-fit stress management techniques
  4. Recognizing internal and external obstacles to lowering stress –  attitudes about change and hidden pay offs of being “stressed out”

  5. Setting effective limits within themselves and with others – when to say yes, when to say no, and how to not feel guilty

  6. Putting an E.N.D. to low priority or unnecessary tasks –  the benefits of Eliminating, Negotiating, and Delegating|

  7. Developing new strategies for refreshing mind and body – pausing, stretching, breathing, laughing, exercising and other alternatives to caffeine or sugar

  8. Asking for help – taking advantage of established support systems – or building new ones – without being self-critical

  9. Creating spaces, systems, and routines that help teachers use their energy wisely – streamlining classroom operations for efficiency

  10. Taking healthy risks – creating balance in different areas of life to increase self esteem, satisfaction, and good emotional and physical health

“On behalf of the faculty and staff of C.H. Friend Elementary School, I would like to thank you for bringing us your workshop.  As you understand so well, teaching can be an extremely stressful profession.  You message gave us many practical and inspirational ways to help manage stress on and off the job.  I have no doubt that our teachers will continue to reap the benefits of your message this coming school year and in the years to come.”   
~ Linda C. Owen, Principal

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