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KidWISE Home Page - KidWISE Institute is a respected leader in the field of parent education. KidWISE has also partnered with civic organizations and churches to provide child abuse prevention programs to their communities.

Parents - A great place to develop or sharpen your parenting skills. Count on KidWISE for Parent education, Parenting books, Parenting tips, Parenting Workshops

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KidWISE Programs - Informative and entertaining keynotes and workshops from national speaker and award-winning author, Paula Statman.

Programs for Parents

Safe Passage: Helping Your Child Navigate Choices and Challenges on the Road to Independence
Life on a Balance Beam: Less-Stress Strategies for Busy Parents
Out of Harm’s Way: Raising Careful, Confident Kids in a Crazy World
Cultivating Caring, Can-Do Kids” - How to Raise Emotionally Resilient and Resourceful Children

Programs for Educators

A+ Strategies for Managing Stress: New School Thinking for Staying Sane, Whole, and Healthy
A Circle of Safety Around Our Children

Programs for Helping Professionals

SURVIVAL SKILLS FOR HELPING PEOPLE: How to Manage Stress, Sustain Your Spirit, and Beat BurnoutA Circle of Safety Around Our Children

Programs for Women

Life on a Balance Beam: It Helps If You Don’t Look Down!
Beyond Beauty, Beyond Boundaries: Risking for Joy, Satisfaction, and Success

Program Planning - Informative keynotes and workshops for parents, women, educators and helping professionals filled with common sense wisdom, practical tips and fun.


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Out of Harm's Way: Teaching Kids to be Safe and Strong
Workshop Kit for Trained Facilitators

Out of Harm's Way: Teaching Kids to be Safe and Strong
Workshop Kit for Volunteers or New Facilitators

Personal Safety Curriculum Grades 5 - 8

KidWISE Corner - A special place to learn cool stuff about being a kid while having fun!

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About KidWISE - KidWISE maintains its place as a pioneer in the field of child personal safety and encompasses a variety of other topics as well, including healthy family communication and less-stress parenting.

Paula Statman - Award-winning author, internationally respected educator, and media spokesperson who is recognized for her groundbreaking efforts in parent education.

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KidWISE Articles - How to raise safe, strong, and street-smart kids; Family communication; Helping your child develop self esteem and emotional resilience; How to stress less and enjoy parenting more; The power of love in protecting your child

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