Cultivating Caring, Can-Do Kids”
How to Raise Emotionally Resilient and Resourceful Children

What does it take to raise a resilient and resourceful child?   What role do parents play in instilling these important qualities? Paula Statman will answer these and other key questions in this not-to-be-missed program.  Paula provides take-home tools, lively learning, and one “Aha!” moment after another.  Based on a wealth of knowledge gained over 30 years of working with children and families, Paula delivers common sense wisdom in a warm, funny, down-to-earth style.  She informs and enlightens thousands of parents each year. Her unforgettable message and motivational style helps parents be their best they can be.

You will take home tips for helping your children:

Be good emotional managers and cultivate skills such as maintaining perspective, calming themselves down, and shaking off anxiety or sadness.
Stay self-motivated and delay gratification and avoid acting in impulsive ways.
Develop empathy — the ability to notice and correctly interpret the needs and wants of other people.
Have positive interactions and develop healthy boundaries with others.
Give, ask for, and receive support.
Develop the ability to seek and find solutions on their own.




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