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Why is it important to raise kids to be safe and strong?
If we invest time and effort in raising safe and  strong kids they, in turn, become teens who are less vulnerable to all kinds of risk behaviors and potential dangers. Safe and strong kids have  self-respect and the ability to set healthy boundaries. They understand they  have the right to be safe and will defend that right with peers, adults…anyone  who threatens them or makes them feel uncomfortable or in potential danger.

Making wise decisions as parents
We need to walk a fine line between over protecting  and under protecting our kids. It’s better to base decisions about allowing children more freedom or responsibility on what they SHOW you, not what they tell you.

The role of parents
Parents should be teachers, protectors, and role models, rather than buddies. Not saying no or bending the rules too often has negative consequences in the long run.  

Why it’s important to prepare not scare your kids.  
Kids need specific how-to’s rather than scare tactics and warnings to navigate safely in the world.  We need to teach them healthy accurate information rather than our fears.

Balancing your life  
I encourage women to develop these qualities: flexibility, strength, balance, and grace.  I also believe it is better to pursue the Art of Imperfection than run ourselves ragged in the pursuit of perfection.

Stress management
We can reduce stress dramatically by putting an E.N.D. to low priority tasks. Knowing how to eliminate, negotiate, or delegate these tasks in your family life will raise the enjoyment and satisfaction you feel, help you live according to your top priorities, and put non-essential activities in their place.

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