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Out of Harm's Way Book and CD - Save $5.00!

Step-by-Step guide to teaching personal safety to kids ages 3-14

Written exercises, key concepts from workshop


English Version


This 60-page guidebook is filled with information and exercises that can be completed independently or discussed in a group. Based on the book Raising Careful, Confident Kids in a Crazy World, it offers a variety of skill-building opportunities along with key concepts from the Out of Harm’s Way workshop. With culturally sensitive cartoon illustrations, easy-to-follow directions and easy-to-read material, the guidebook is a valuable reference for both parents and professionals.

Group leaders use the guidebook during the Out of Harm’s Way workshop. Afterwards participants take it home to complete and refer to again and again. The guidebook is also ideal for self-guided study and is recommended for use with the Out of Harm’s Way CD.

New in 2005, the Out of Harm’s Way CD replaces the popular audiotape that was developed in 1993. Updated to include the latest information in the field of child personal safety, the material is organized into well-designed modules for listeners who want to play the CD during their commute or listen to it while completing exercises in the Out of Harm’s Way guidebook.

The hour-long program is presented by Paula Statman and includes discussion with a group of parents. Delivered with both compassion and humor, it contains exercises that adults can do with children and many helpful examples to illustrate the key points. Easy listening and learning for busy adults!

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