On Children's Personal Safety:

Do kids need to learn a different set of skills to stay safe today than we learned a generation ago?

What are 3 key personal safety skills that every parent should teach their children?

Describe the 5-step process you teach parents that helps kids learn, remember and use safety information.

What is your “Prepare Don’t Scare” philosophy? Why do you think parents, teachers, and other adults should use it?

You say that parents must be good protectors and teachers. Why do you believe that and how do you teach those skills to parents?

You are committed to helping communities build what you call “A Circle of Safety Around Our Children.” Talk about how you do that.

In your book Raising Careful, Confident Kids in a Crazy World, you divide safety skills into what to teach at each age. Why is so important that parents teach the right skill at the right time?

On Balancing your Life and Stress Management:

You describe women today as living on a balance beam. Do they really need to be gymnasts to deal with the demands in their lives?

Why is it so hard for women – especially moms – to make time for themselves? Do men face similar issuing in balancing their lives or are their challenges different?

What are the 3 key skills for managing stress successfully – for both men and women?
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