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SURVIVAL SKILLS FOR HELPING PEOPLE How to Manage Stress, Sustain Your Spirit, and Beat Burnout

Paula Statman is passionate about helping givers thrive.  A former social worker who lost her battle with burnout, Paula had to change the way she cared for and about others.  Today she teaches people how to develop resiliency and sustain their spirit and well-being.  Paula a big believer in the power of play and laughter to maintain your energy, creativity, and optimism.  Audiences are enlightened by her message and delight in her music and humor; they walk away understanding why she is called "The Antidote to Burnout."

In this session you will learn:
      • How to cope effectively with what’s going on at home or work
      • The ABC’s of managing stress: Attitude, Behavior, and Choices
      • New techniques for remaining calm in a crisis
      • How to spot and beat caregiver burnout
      • How to seek and accept support from others
      • Healthy, revitalizing ways to take care of yourself
      • How to “bring your best and let go of the rest”

Your general session was right on target for elementary school principals.  The visual image of the principal on stage with outstretched arms, you piling on the “rolls” he carries daily, was a powerful metaphor for the experiences educational leaders have today.  It was also exciting to see the enthusiasm and of the volunteers who performed on stage.  Our attendees gave your session high marks for effectiveness and fun.
~Elmer A. Koch, Jr.
Minnesota Elementary School Principals’ Association

Thank you for your very excellent presentation at the “Women’s Health Issues” conference.  Some of the specific comments about your session include the following:  “Extremely informative and enjoyable.”  “What an awesome speaker! Loved her!”  “What a treat – a pleasure to listen to…loved the singing!”
~Sandra Piercy
Clarian Health


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