KidWISE Institute is a respected leader in the field of parent education.  Founded in 1993 by educator and psychotherapist, Paula Statman, M.S.S.W., the institute quickly earned a national reputation for quality parent education programs and publications. 

It offers continuing education programs to professionals who serve children in social service, healthcare and educational settings.  KidWISE also partners with civic organizations and faith-based institutions to provide education and prevention programs to their communities.

Today KidWISE maintains its place as a pioneer in the field of child personal safety and encompasses a variety of other topics as well, including healthy family communication and less-stress parenting.  The Institute strives to meet the needs of a diverse parent population. 

In addition to offering parent education programs and publications in Spanish, KidWISE books and program materials have also been translated into Chinese and Korean.

KidWISE - Raising Careful, Confident Kids in a Crazy World

KidWISE - Out of Harm's Way Workship kit

KidWISE - Out of Harm's Way Guidebook - teaching kids to be safe and strong

KidWISE Family Safety Fair

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